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Ultimate Yield™

Where the science of agriculture meets the economics of farming

Ultimate Yield™ offers an agronomy program that takes a proprietary approach to helping growers improve yields. Our Agronomic process is supported by Research dedicated to solving local production problems and exploring new technologies. We also offer learning opportunities for growers and agronomists that share the Ultimate Yield™ philosophy via our Certification program. 

Through data collection and analysis, we evaluate, or train YOU to evaluate, your current management practices and set targets to improve them. The Ultimate Yield™ approach prioritizes your operations needs while optimizing efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.

We work with our customers to identify target yields and balance those production goals with an analysis of farm input expenses to deliver the most profitable returns. 

Our unique patented bulk glyphosate handling system that eliminates costly, inconvenient totes – just fill and go

Racketeer is a fully contained 8,000 L or 22,000 L tank fitted with a pump and metered flow system that offers a fill rate of 150 L per minute. Used with our quality glyphosate formulation, it includes easy top fill, your choice of no-drip dry lock connections for loadout, as well as a Tattle™ Monitoring System that automatically alerts you when the tank is getting low.

The Racketeer system is the only bulk herbicide handling system on the market. It makes handling more efficient so that you can spend your time where it matters most.