How it all began

Ultimate Yield Management Institute is a division of The Rack – a Saskatchewan-based independent agriculture retailer started by Lynda and Dennis Bulani more than 30 years ago. From the beginning they knew that good agronomy would be critical to their business model. Six-factor agronomy, the foundation of Ultimate Yield, started out as a sketch on a napkin and evolved into the comprehensive agronomic package it is today.

The Ultimate Yield Management Institute is built on three pillars. Ultimate Yield Agronomy is our exclusive agronomy program. It is based on Ultimate Yield Research that supports farmers with cutting edge, timely research. Ultimate Yield Certification was developed for growers, agronomists and others in the industry to learn about and practice Ultimate Yield Agronomy.

The thinking behind Ultimate Yield is that many factors impact yield and that to achieve ultimate yields – or yield goals – growers need to manage every one of those factors equally. By taking an in-depth look at the 6 factors that affect crop production and addressing each factor individually, a farm’s ultimate yield can be achieved.

Our team is excited to share Ultimate Yield with you so you can discover the benefits for yourself.