Data Collection & Analysis

Following the Farm Production Assessment, we analyze the data to create a plan specific to each grower’s farm. Data is collected using a rigorously controlled scientific strategy to examine every field.

Ultimate Yield customers receive access to an extensive seed testing package to determine accurate seeding rates and seed treatment recommendations.

NDVI satellite imagery is used to predict a field’s potential. Our team ground truths NDVI imagery by visually inspecting fields to verify physical characteristics and systematically collecting tissue and soil samples in representative locations. Nutrient levels are analyzed for deficiencies based on crop type and plant state.

From this information fertility management plans are developed for each field and zone based on target yields, taking into consideration variables such as the type of equipment and type of fertilizer. Based on realistic target yields, recommendations are calculated and recorded in our agronomy software.


Ultimate Yield growers are supplied with data collection devices through Farmobile as a tool to verify yields.

The Farmobile PUC is state of the art collection device that streams agronomic and machine data across most equipment brands and models. Live PUC devices are displayed on an interactive heatmap where growers can watch multiple machines operating simultaneously on a single screen via mobile or web.

The Farmobile DataEngineSM platform organizes raw data into standardized visual Electronic Field Records (EFRs) that are portable, shareable and viewable. EFRs can be used to power analytics or stream into other software systems.

What Our Customers Say

“Ultimate Yield has made my life a whole lot easier. It’s based on science and looks at all the angles, so knowing that I’m getting the best advice takes away some of the worry. It’s also freed up time that I can spend with my family.”