Optional Prescription Mapping
& Field Scouting Enhancements

Prescription mapping services are available for fertilizer, seed or pesticide applications in a variety of equipment types.

Our geomatics experts use the comprehensive data collected for each of our customers as well as the agronomist’s detailed assessment of soil and tissue test, NDVI satellite imagery and other information in the Farm Production Assessment to create prescription maps for variable rate application.

Field scouting is offered as an add-on or stand alone service for Ultimate Yield customers to raise your Farm Production Assessment score. It will also save time and ease your mind about potential crop issues by offering recommendations and timing throughout the growing season.

All growers subscribing to this service have access to field scouting software, which delivers integrated web, mobile and desktop field record-keeping and mapping services so you know what is happening in each scouted field.

Other Services

Farm Production Assessment

One-time assessment of 6 yield factor categories to give you a snapshot of current production practices and areas for improvement

Diagnostic Agronomy Consulting

Ultimate Yield Agronomy expertise billed at an hourly rate

Analytical Services   

  • Soil Test – Basic
  • Soil Test – 3 Zone
  • Tissue Test
  • Seed Test
  • Seed Test & Plan
  • Variable Rate Map Creation

What Our Customers Say

“When we did the Farm Production Assessment, we were able to make decisions to trim some costs which meant substantial savings overall. And we didn’t compromise yields. Small changes – things I had never considered – made a big big difference at the end of the year.”